Smooth & Silky Moisturising Conditioner 400ml
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Smooth & Silky Moisturising Conditioner 400ml


Enriched with extracts of protein-rich herbs, our new conditioners nourishes your hair giving you the three essential benefits that your hair needs – strength, reduced hair fall and protection from everyday damage. A gentle formulation that conditions & keeps your hair silky smooth, soft and tangle-free. Nourishes your hair with natural proteins giving it a healthy shine. Himalaya’s Range of Conditioners are enriched with Natural Protein 5 which contains natural proteins of Soya and Wheat that gives your hair the nourishment it needs to stay long and healthy, always. It strengthens, nourishes and smoothens your hair and reduces damage and breakage.


Avocado, a natural moisturiser, soothes the scalp and hydrates the hair, leaving it soft and smooth.



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