Al-Haedb Co. is the sole agent for these products in Iraq


►Himalaya products which is  manufactured by Nature Indian analysis.

► National Food Factory Canned food, chick peas, Tomato paste, green peas…(Gloria brand).

► Senyorita Group for food industries Potato chips and snacks (Americana & Lion brands).

► AraBev Int. Ltd Beverages & Juices (Mazaj brand).

► BFSA Cooking Oils, mayonnaise and olive oil (Mazola brand).

► Areej Vegetable Oil Co (Not the sole agent). Margarine, shortening, Butter and Vegetable Ghee (Bakery choice, Muscat brands)

► Food Specialties Limited Cornflakes, Jam and Honey (Diamond brand).

► Emirates Macaroni Factory Pasta & Macaroni (Dubai brand).

► Al-Wediyan food Company Wediyan canned food.

► Friesland Coberco Rainbow UHT Milk products.

► AlHaedb Co. is also the sole agent for deodorants, soaps, shaving foams, shower gels and perfumes under the DENIM, BRUT and ASPESO brands.

► AlHaedb also recently became an official distributer for Castrol(BP) lubricants in Iraq.